MG1手遊人體工學椅 - Freemax - The Body Solution
MG1手遊人體工學椅 - Freemax - The Body Solution
MG1手遊人體工學椅 - Freemax - The Body Solution
MG1手遊人體工學椅 - Freemax - The Body Solution
MG1手遊人體工學椅 - Freemax - The Body Solution

MG1 Mobile Gamer Seating

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-Moblie Oriented Armrest

-3D Headrest

-Adjustable Lumbar Support

-Backrest Recline Adjustment

-Height Adjustable Backrest

-Seat Depth Adjustable

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MG1 Seating Introduction

Adjustable Tilt Angle Armrest

The MG1 seating is equipped with adjustable tilt angle armrests, allowing users to tilt up to 40 degrees from 5 different angles easily. This feature provides support for your arms whether you are sitting or half-lying down, helping to reduce pressure on your shoulders and arms.

225 Degree Swivel Armrest

The MG1 chair features a swivel armrest that can rotate up to 225 degrees, providing greater flexibility and elasticity compared to normal armrests. This design allows users to maintain a relaxed and natural posture while using mobile phones, helping to reduce the habit of shrugging shoulders and minimizing the risk of shoulder and neck pain.

Additionally, the foldable armrest allows users to lift it up and push the chair under the table, saving space when not in use.

3D Headrest

The MG1 chair is equipped with a 3D headrest, designed to reduce pain associated with using a mobile phone while sitting. It also helps protect against neck, shoulder, and back pain, which are common issues related to extended use of mobile phones while seated.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The MG1 chair features an adjustable lumbar support that provides comprehensive support to the lower back of users. It is suitable for individuals with curved backs and those who seek a strong sense of lower waist coverage.

Backrest Recline Adjustment

The MG1 chair features a 4-tilt backrest recline, specially designed for mobile gamers. You can tilt the backrest to different angles based on your needs, enhancing the mobile gaming experience and allowing users to enjoy mobile games while sitting on this chair.

Height Adjustable Backrest

The MG1 seating features a two-sided adjustable backrest design, ensuring it can fit everyone's body shape. Simply pull up the backrest to adjust the chair to the most comfortable position, providing accurate support to the entire back and helping to avoid hunching.

Seat Depth Adjustable

The seat depth adjustable function allows the chair to fit every person with different body shapes and heights, ensuring users can sit on the seat and lean back on the backrest fully.

MG1 Seating Size Chart


Size: 64cm (W) x 72cm (D) x 151-163cm (H)

Base Material: Aluminium base

Colour: Black with dark grey trim


Two-year structural maintenance