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FreeMAX - your ideal Ergonomic workstation

FreeMAX founded in 2009, devoted Ergonomic solution in ameliorating the health problems caused by Sedentary. As both working stress and poor sitting posture were the main factors leading to back pain, it is important to reduce user’s physical strain so as to increase working efficiency result in the improvement of the quality of life through using an Office Chair with ergonomic design.

For kids, they spend lots of time on study. Improper seating posture may harm the growth of their spine. We therefore introduced a series of ergonomic study desk and kids chairs for their healthy growth of the spine. Our mission is to provide the most comfortable product to fulfill different age’s needs, build up your ideal healthy workplace.

At the start, we introduced mainly the ergonomic products such as the ergonomic chair, office chair and monitor arms developed by western countries. However, for some situation, those products may not be perfectly fit the body of Asian. In 2015, we started to develop our own ergonomic products which are specifically for the Asians to relieve pressure on the neck, back, and body through the Dynamic working module.The eSports is in high-speed development in the world. A number of players aim to become a professional eSports player.

Extensive training may cause physical strain on players. We introduced the first gaming chair developed by DXRacer in 2010. In 2017, FreeMAX devoted to developing the eSports exclusive products and officially launched the latest ergonomically designed eSport desk (G-Go) in 2018.Why do we understand your needs so well? It is because we are also the one who lives in Hong Kong and work over time!

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