School Backpacks

Our School Backpacks combines the ergonomic design of an innovative trekking backpack with everything required of a school bag in the elementary years. FreeMAX kids’ school bags can be adapted to ensure the perfect fit and will grow with their owners.

Our Kids School Backpacks is the winner of an international red dot design award. Based on different ages and heights, the user can adjust the back support structure, reducing 35% of the shoulder force.

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部落客測評 [童你去玩,2019]

FreeMAX Ergobag書包,輕盈護脊 (,2017)

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護脊書包一直係家長們之間熱議嘅一個話題,發育中的孩子如果書包過於沉重,或者使用沒有護脊功能的書包,有機會因為不正確姿勢,引致脊骨出現健康問題,當脊骨健康問題形成後,有機會持續惡化變成脊椎側彎,寒背等問題。選擇一個「對」的書包 絕對可以保護發育中的孩童的脊骨。