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Kids Study Furniture – Our kids’ desk and kid’s chairs feature an extensive range of settings (e.g. height-adjustability) to adjust to a growing user. Available in various colors and designs. Keep reading for the criteria of an ergonomic children’s chair, including the influence on posture and learning/study behavior. Children’s body structure is altering as they grow and prolonged postural loading can influence that development, research reports increasingly show that many children experience moderate to high back and neck discomfort. We found out 5 factors to choose ergonomic workstations for kids.

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Help children grow up healthily

Poor sitting posture stunts body growth and cause possible spinal problems. Research reports increasingly show that many children experience back and neck discomfort due to poor posture, it’s extremely important to get kids into correct posture at an early age. Appropriate sitting posture involves keeping the feet stand flat on the floor, head aligned above shoulders, and back supported. Kids chair and kids study desk  with ergonomic design and adjustable feature is good for children. It is tailored to fit a child’s needs, also children adjustable table and adjustable chair for kids help with keeping and supporting an upright posture for a long time.

Children’s body structure is changing as they grow, a good chair is able to grow with your child in all dimensions and support dynamic sitting. Backrest, flexible armrest, adjustable seat and footrest are the fundamental things we are looking for in kids chair. Backrest gives surrounding support to the back, aims to prevent any relaxed, slouched positions that can affect the alignment of the spine. Kids chair with twin-back design protects spine effectively by giving enhanced support to back and waist, it helps release the pressure from waist, spine and back muscles. Flexible armrest supports the arms and hands and eases the muscle tension, provides a comfortable and long-lasting sitting experience. Adjustable seat allows your child to set the chair in the most comfortable form and it can be adjusted as your child grows. When your child is seated, the torso and thighs should be slightly greater than 90° and the feet should be in full contact with the ground. Younger children who may not be tall enough for their feet to reach the floor, it causes unnecessary fatigue and bad blood circulation. Footrest helps prevent feet from dangling and support the body weight.

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