Why we couldn’t lay on the chair backrest when computing?

為何用電腦時不會靠著椅背? - Freemax - The Body Solution

Why many people couldn’t lay on the chair backrest when computing? The answer is simple. Most people are computing with an unsuitable position of the monitor, which makes your body have to lean forward and bend to obtain the position for focusing on the computing display.。

Here is the solution: Monitor Arm

In many ways, the monitor arm is the centerpiece of the ergonomic workstation. While healthy posture can be achieved without it, only a monitor arm allows the user to access his or her many daily tasks without twisting, turning, straining or reaching. Plus, a monitor arm allows the monitor to be adjusted and repositioned quickly and easily, ensuring every user can work in ideal ergonomic conditions.

Work Within Reach

By elevating the monitor up off the work surface, a monitor arm frees up the valuable space directly in front of the user, leaving notes, documents and other work materials within easy reach. Plus, the monitor can be easily pushed out of the way to create extra work space if needed.

Multiple Users

By allowing the monitor to be easily adjusted and repositioned, a monitor arm is a perfect tool for multiple-user workstations. Within a matter of seconds, a new user can position the monitor at an optimal height and depth. Plus, the monitor arm’s effortless lateral adjustment encourages collaboration and information sharing.

Space Savings

The addition of a monitor arm instantly increases the amount of usable desk space available to the user and allows work materials to be arranged within the Neutral Reach Zone. As a result, the workstation not only becomes more functional, it makes much more efficient use of space. Particularly when floor space is at a premium, the monitor arm is a critical solution to one of the real problems of the modern workplace.