Choosing Your Ergonomic Chair

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Chairs are among the necessity in any home or in the work place. A good chair should always be comfortable and must be of a design of safety and utility. A good ergonomic computer chair whether used at home or in the office should satisfy health and comfort of the user which correspondingly leads to productivity.

What is an ergonomic computer chair?

An ergonomic computer chair is a kind of chair which helps reduce lower back pain from long working hours sitting at your desk. It is basically designed taking consideration of the health and productivity of the user. An ergonomic computer chair allows you to sit in comfort and ease while working on your computer whether it is at home or in the office.

Things to consider before buying an ergonomic computer chair

Many of us spent long hours in front of the computer, especially if working in the office and these computer hours can be extended in the home when we leisurely click our computers for news or other social networking activities.
Ergonomic computer chair is also helpful at home when the kids do their homework or plainly enjoying their computer hours. As such, it is necessary to take the following in consideration in choosing the proper ergonomic computer chair:
To support the natural curve of the spine, the backseat of your ergonomic computer chair should be between 12 to 19 inches wide.
A good lumbar support for the lower back means that your ergonomic computer chair must be height and depth changeable.
Ergonomic computer chair which comes in a single piece should have a flexible backrest and seat which can be moved forward and backward.
The ergonomic computer chair that has separate seat and backrest should accommodate height and angle adjustments.
The seat height of the ergonomic computer chair should range between 16 to 21 inches from the floor.
This will allow you to have the feet flat on the floor and the arms to an even height to the desk.
The width of the seat as well as its depths should support you comfortably. It should be at least 17 inches wide and leaves 2 to 4 inches between the seat and the back of the chair so that you can sit with your back against the backrest of the chair.
The arms and shoulders should be comfortable and relaxed while seating, as such, the armrest of your ergonomic computer chair should allow the user to do these to avoid any strain or injury.
The ergonomic computer chair should have enough padding for comfortable sitting for extended periods.

Benefits of an ergonomic computer chair

With the increased use of the computer whether for work or pleasure, comes with a responsibility to users to utilize and make use of ergonomic computer chair.
This is to prevent health related issues pertaining to improper posture and position as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and other physical strain injuries caused by prolonged sitting in front of the computer.
The ergonomic computer chair proves to be important to minimize, if not eliminate these physical health related issues.