Ergonomics Expert Explains How To Set Up Your Desk

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Hong Kong people live under pressure and excessive working hours, also their working postures have a significant impact on spinal health. The patients often experience symptoms such as headache, neck / shoulder / back pain. The ergonomic office can help employees improve their working posture, thereby increasing efficiency and improving spine health.

The Video (From Hospital for Special Surgery Ergonomic Expert Jon Cinkay) show you how to set up your desk ergonomically, so you can avoid pain later on in life.

Step 1 Adjust your chair

The average desk height is 29 to 30 inches tall, for some, this could be too tall or too short, that’s where your chair comes in. The first thing you want to do is adjust the height, when you do, make sure your elbows are bent to 90 degree, so if a person’s feet are not touching the floor, this could become an issue, you can decide to use a Footrest, if you don’t have a footrest, we recommend using a ream of paper.

Step 2 Adjust your monitor

The tip is to have the monitor close enough, about arm’s length so you’re able to read without having to strain your eyes or to bend forward and adjust your posture.
So what you want to do is raise the monitor up, till the top of the screen is eye level. If your monitor’s not adjustable in height, you can use a monitor Arms to instead.

If you work from two monitors, consider how you use them. If you have a primary monitor, you want that directly in front of you. If you use both monitors equally, you want them lined up so you are in the middle of the two.

Step 3 Mind your mouse and keyboard

Where your hands end up is where your keyboard should be. Your mouse should end up right next to your keyboard. You want to move from your elbow instead of your shoulder to prevent overuse or strain or pain. The key is not to reach for your tools.

Step 4 Position your phone

You want to put the phone on your non-writing side, so you don’t have to cradle it to your shoulder. This could eventually lead to neck pain. If you’re on the phone a good portion of your day, you want to consider using a headset. That way your hands are free to write down anything, or to type on the computer.

Step 5 Move

After 10- 15 minutes, we all begin to slouch in our chairs. So here are some basic exercises you can do while sitting in your chair. The first exercise is a chin tuck. Second exercise is for your upper traps. You’re gonna do a basic stretch where you bend your head to one side, and then gently pull for a little more oomph. The third exercise is called a scapular retraction. You basically are going to squeeze your shoulders back. The fourth exercise is for your lower back. This is what we call a pelvic tilt.

The most important thing you want to do is get up out of your chair every hour. Get up and walk, get something to eat, to drink, just get up, Or you can Replace the existing desk to a Standing Desk / Standing Desk Converter.

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