The first foldable standing desk in Hong Kong market is now available!

香港市場第一張摺得嘅升降枱面世啦! - Freemax - The Body Solution

According to surveys, the per capita living area in Hong Kong is only about 160 feet. To due with the limited living space, everyone wants to make the most of the space in their house.  Therefore, many foldable furniture have become popular in the Hong Kong market, such as folding chairs, Folding bed etc.



 The birth of the foldable standing desk

Foldable tables are nothing new a long time ago, but the electric table which can be folded and lifted appeared in Hong Kong market very first time.  Considering that many Hong Kong people  may not have independent study rooms, which mean they need to use the height-adjustable table in the living room. When our smallest size standing desk (80cm width) is fully opened, it takes up a certain amount of space.

So if  the desktop can be folded when the table is not in use, the living space can be  spacious and flexible, which giving users more space to move around freely. Therefore, we have launched the first foldable height-adjustable desk in Hong Kong  at the beginning of this year, allowing users to use standing desk even they are living in small spaces. 

foldable standing desk, space-saving standing desk


New design combines ergonomics with folding table

The depth of Foldable standing desk A6-Fold can be narrow down from 73cm to 27cm. Moreover, it can hold the desktop angle between 0-90 degrees, which allowing poeple working at different desktop angle, such as reading, writing and drawing. Users can choose either sit or stand when they using the desk


desktop tilt angle adjustable, allow people to work at difference angle, allow people to read and draw

This foldable table is suitable for children and adult, whether kids who are drawing or adults who are reading. It can also prevent back pain and myopia caused by lowering your head.

Foldable standing desk suitable for kids

Design considerations

The operation of the foldable lift table is as smple as the original electric standing table. Considering that the book will slipping easily when tilted, we installed the bookend storage designs to prevnet book and stationey from slipping.  bookend design can prevent books from failing

There is also a storage slot in the middle, where mobile phones and  stationery can be placed. It is easier for users to keep an eye on mobile phone message while working.

Desktop Storage Slot store mobile phones and stationery.


In the past, the width and depth of standing desks was fixed, which may not suitable for people who are living in small space. With the users friendly design, we believe that more small families can experience the benefits of  height-adjustable tables without worry about the space limit. You can use the least space to place your favorite furniture, making your life healthier and more convenient.


Folding standing desk fringing you a compfotable and appropriate sit or stand work model.