Office Chair

A good office chair combines comfortable seating with ergonomic features and is designed to fit in precious Hong Kong office space and also fit to be a computer chair. For office workers who spend a whole day at their desks, support from their chairs is crucial. These products include mid-back, chairs with adjustable backs, seats, and armrests that give users complete control over their seating. The broad range of available finishes and styles makes it simple to find a product to match any home or business decoration.

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【Home Office Best Choice】

In recent years, in response to the ever-changing business environment, more and more companies choose to allow employees to work from home. But employees find that after working from home for a long time, they always feel that the more they sit, the more painful and discomfort their buttocks and lower back are. If we ignore these symptoms, there is a greater chance of injury to the spine in a long run, requiring a cure from a chiropractor. If you want to improve your productivity and avoid lasting effects on your body, you must start with your work environment.

Ergonomic mid-back office chairs can help users maintain a correct sitting posture and reduce fatigue and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting (wrong sitting posture may cause lumbar pain, hunched back, poor blood circulation, etc.). All styles of mid-back office chairs at FreeMAX adopt the ergonomic design, using Asian body shapes as a measurement. The design fits the user’s body shape, improving and reducing the physical discomfort caused by working for a long time. The lumbar support angle is improved for better support to the spine curve and lower back.

[Chair back material selection]
When choosing an office chair, you should start with the back of the chair. The back of the chair needs to stand upright. The chair that is too loose and too soft has insufficient support and is likely to cause permanent damage to the waist. Especially for users who do not have a lift table in the office environment and who need to sit for a long time. FreeMAX mainly provides three types of office chair back materials for users to choose from (double back, fabric, and breathable mesh back). You can try to sit in our retail store to feel how comfortable they are. All models adopt ergonomic design. Each has its advantages and disadvantages when acting as an ergonomic chair. The choice depends on how comfortable you feel when sitting on it.