Ergobag Prime

Ergobag Prime school backpack is an ergonomically designed spine-protecting school backpack for children over 6 years old with a height of 110-150 cm. The concept comes from professional mountaineering schoolbags. It is the most ergonomic children’s schoolbag in the world. According to the German test report, the structure of Ergobag can reduce the stress on the shoulder by 35%. Ergobag Prime bags are made from 100% CyclePET, these are made from post-consumer PET PET bottles and are free of plasticizers, Phthalates, and PAHs. Recycling these bottles can protect the earth’s resources, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and greatly reduce the emissions that pollute the environment during the manufacturing process. Compared with traditional production methods, the recycling production process can reduce wastewater by 20%, 50% energy, and 60% of harmful emissions. At the same time, overproduction can also reduce the use of natural resources accordingly.

Ergobag Prime School Backpack

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