【Standing Desk Sale】Save 20% off on Selected Standing Desk and up to 30% for the Accessories

【升降桌優惠】3款特選電動升降桌8折,選購配件7折起 - Freemax - The Body Solution

「Prolonged Sitting」is a Hot topic in recent years.

The Standing desk was the best and common solution to solve this issue.

If you pursue an extremely comfortable working space,

we believe that the Standing Desk accessories would be your best choice:

1. Height Adjustable Monitor Arm

2. Drawer

3. Keyboard Tray for Standing Desk

4. Cable Management Tray and etc…

From 1/11

You can Save 20% off on selected Standing Desk

and up to 30% off on the additional Standing Desk accessories

The selected Standing Desk as below:

A6-N2-XS Standing Desk

A6-N2 Standing Desk

A6-N3 Standing Desk