【2020 Valentines Special】Less $100 for every $1000 spend

【2020情人節Special】凡滿 $1000減 $100 - Freemax - The Body Solution

Pls enter the relevant coupon codes when checkout!!!

Coupon Codes:

VD10: Less $100 for spent $1000~$1999

VD20: Less $200 for spent $1000~$2999

VD30: Less $300 for spent $1000~$3999

VD40: Less $400 for spent $1000~$4999

VD50: Less $500 for spent $1000~$5999

VD60: Less $600 for spent $1000~$6999


VD100: Less $1000 for spent $10000~$10999

For purchase more than $11000, please contact us or place order in our stores.

For Valentines 2020, it is a good opportunities to prepare an ergonomic furniture to him/ her for their body’s good health.

Upto 29 Feb 2020, All products from below categories are entitled $100 less for every $1000 spend

Ergonomic Chair
Office Chair
Desk Chair
Active Chair / Stool Chair
Gaming Chair

Be health, don’t forget your mask recently and keep washing hand in often!